SpecPro’s Employee Benefit Package Exceeds the Industry Average and Ensures
We Can Recruit, Retain, and Deliver the Best of the Best.




Government experience is an advantage! SpecPro benefits are terrific! We are an EEO employer!

Join the winning team today! Are you looking for an aggressive, innovative, successful company to invest in your future while you create ours? SpecPro is a high technology firm with great expertise in technical, environmental, and test and evaluation services for government and commercial sectors.

The SpecPro Group's Internship Program is offered to BBNC Shareholders, providing the opportunity to join the SpecPro Team. This program supports the work-life balance through benefits and on the job opportunities for connecting interns from the Bristol Bay Native Region. The internship program allows you to work side by side with specialized professionals in the fields of test and evaluation, environmental sciences, IT, accounting, and business processes.



Opportunities are often available for:


  • Aircraft life support systems (program managers, technicians, technical writers)
  • Micro and Molecular Biology Programs (biologists, lab technicians)
  • Information Management (LIM specialists, LAN administrators, help desk technicians)
  • Industrial Hygiene (scientists, engineers, technicians)
  • Environmental services (scientists, engineers, technicians)
  • Medical support services (case managers, cardiopulmonary techs, mental health techs, ophthalmic techs, statisticians)

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  • Medical insurance (including prescription and lab benefits)
  • Cafeteria plan available for dependent care and flex accounts
  • Dental coverage – employee (company paid benefit)
  • Vision coverage – employee (company paid benefit)
  • Short-term and long-term disability (company paid benefit)
  • Life insurance – 1.5 x salary ($60,000 minimum, $150,000 maximum)
  • Accidental death insurance (company paid benefit)
  • $5,000 spouse life and $2,000 dependent (child) life (company paid)
  • 10 paid holidays per year
  • Annual leave: 2 weeks (1 to 5 yrs svc), 3 weeks (6 to 10 yrs svc), 4 weeks (10+ yrs svc)
  • Sick leave: 1 week (1 to 5 yrs svc), 2 weeks (6 to 10 yrs svc), 3 weeks (10+ yrs service)



  • Educational assistance: reimbursement for tuition, fees and books up to $2,000 per year
  • Job required training: health, safety, security, and other specialized requirements
  • Certification training




  • 401(k) with company matching
  • SpecPro incentive bonus plan



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