The SpecPro Group is an alliance of companies formed to provide complete, flexible, competitive, and fully resourced solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements for professional/technical, environmental, and testing and evaluation support. The Group consists of:

  • SpecPro, a graduated 8(a) small disadvantaged business with over 25 years of experience supporting federal contracts
  • TekPro, an 8(a) small disadvantaged business founded in 2007 with experience supporting federal technical efforts
  • Badger Technical Services, (BTS) an 8(a) small disadvantaged business founded in 2008 with experience providing environmental and acquisition support to a wide variety of federal customers
  • SpecPro Professional Services, (SPS) an 8(a) founded in 2013, dedicated to providing environmental program support.

All members of the SpecPro Group are Alaska Native-owned and are separate subsidiary companies of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC).

The combined and complementary capabilities of the Group offer customers an extensive array of technical support expertise and a suite of flexible contracting options for a wide range of requirements. While each company may individually provide a customer with the most advantageous solution to a specific requirement, we maintain our alliance so that we may also offer a total and fully resourced solution for those requirements involving a broad scope of technical needs best suited to a tailored or multi-faceted approach. The SpecPro Group is able to flexibly contract through direct award or competitive procurements and rapidly deliver to our customers an optimum technical solution that is sized and resourced appropriately.



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