Backed by over 20 years of Corporate Test and Evaluation Experience, SpecPro provides our customers with an extensive cadre of Research and Development expertise.

Research and Development

  • SpecPro's staff have gained the abilities, skills and knowledge in a variety of skill sets in a number of industries. SpecPro’s test and evaluation staff is diverse with training grounds representing all branches of DoD, other federal agencies and large and small businesses alike. SpecPro offers a comprehensive test and evaluation skill base including planning, data collection, Research and Development, specification development, systems analysis integration and design, technology integration, and logistics oversight. When you enlist SpecPro for Research and Development support, you receive a complete package that meets or exceeds mission requirements. Program Highlights


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Test & Evaluation

  • Our experience lies in designing, certifying, prototyping, installing, testing, and integrating modified systems. When approaching any modification program, our plans include testing the systems after the modifications have been installed. Field level test evaluation support is provided by SpecPro professionals. We provide oversight to government test program execution and assist in determining safe-to-fly and documenting the modification(s). Program Highlights
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Public Health, Epidemiology, and Applied Sciences

  • SpecPro’s SMEs have specialized skills that assist our customers in conducting biomedical studies and research efforts; which may include statistical analysis, clinical trials, identification of risk factors, and preventive medicine.

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