As stewards of the well being of the only planet we call home; SpecPro as a BBNC company is dedicated to the sustainment of a stable environment.

Compliance and Pollution Prevention

  • SpecPro ensures compliance and pollution prevention through our proven and mature processes, providing prompt federal reporting, environmental planning, and budgeting. On behalf of our customers, SpecPro monitors and manages air and water wastewater programs; while implementing toxic material program menvironmeanagement and abatement efforts. Additionally, SpecPro is well versed at obtaining and maintaining ECAMP/ECAS permits IAW our USG customers’ requirements. Program Highlights

Restoration and Remediation

  • SpecPro has over 16 years experience in the Environmental Maintenance industry; serving many U.S. government and commercial customers. Our capabilities include facility deconstruction, landfill and water well monitoring and maintenance, remediation investigations, contamination and Site Assessments, feasibility studies and reports, and site closures. Program Highlights

Conservation and Planning

  • SpecPro’s expertise provides our customers the foundation in environmental conservation practices and planning for the sustainment of those practices. We have conducted endangered species inventories, developed management plans for the protection of the species and have accomplished habitat restoration. One of SpecPro’s customers is enjoying the fruit of our experience as we are accomplishing mechanical restoration of between 400 and 500 acres annually. SpecPro implements and maintains NEPA environmental documentation for our customers. Additionally, SpecPro works hand in hand with our customers in assuring the protection of our nation’s ancestral cultures through development of Cultural Resources Management programs and plans. Program Highlights

Natural Resources Management

  • Collectively and individually, the SpecPro Group is committed to the environmental well being of our planet. We accomplish this through Natural Resource Management planning, providing our customers with proven and effective methodology of OSHA compliance management, waste and Hazardous Materials Management, and abatement. This includes weapons testing, Environmental Assessments, and ordnance removal capabilities. Program Highlights


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